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Ecuador villagers’ fight with Chevron: Right place, right cause — but the wrong case?

By Jennifer Wells “I sit back and dream. I cannot believe what we have accomplished. Important people interested in us. A new paradigm of not only a case, but how to do a case. Chevron wanting to settle. Billions of dollars on the table. A movie, a possible book. I cannot keep up with it all.” —From the notebook of the defendant in the case of Chevron Corp. vs. Steven Donziger. The story unfolding this week in a Toronto courtroom pivots on a central question: can Chevron Canada Ltd., described as a seventh level wholly-owned subsidiary of Chevron Corp.,...

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Tim Hortons abandona su histórica sede de Oakville y se traslada a Toronto

Los propietarios de la icónica cadena canadiense, la empresa brasileña Restaurant Brands International, consideran que el traslado al centro de Toronto facilitará las operaciones de la compañía, sus planes de expansión y la atracción de mayor talento profesional. Tim Hortons mantendrá en Oakville, donde fue fundada en 1964, su centro de capacitación para franquicias.

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La fe evangélica abraza las urnas en América Latina

[…] Una constante que se ha extendido por toda América Latina, donde la doctrina evangélica se expande a un ritmo vertiginoso. En una región donde hay 425 millones de católicos (el 40% de la población católica mundial), en un contexto en el que la Iglesia católica está dirigida por el primer papa latinoamericano, los evangélicos suman el 20%, cuando hace seis décadas apenas llegaban al 3%, según datos del Pew Research Center. El ascenso ha propiciado que se hayan convertido en un actor político determinante, a costa de imponer en la agenda valores retrógrados y a riesgo de hacer...

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Trump’s trade crackdown on China has its limits in Latin America

President Donald Trump, never one to speak softly, has tried to use big-stick diplomacy to force a trade showdown with China, but his bravado and hard-edged rhetoric has made it more challenging for the U.S. to check Chinese economic influence in its own backyard. Trump has chosen to skip the Summit of the Americas, a two-day gathering of Western Hemisphere leaders that kicks off in Lima, Peru, on Friday, leaving it up to Vice President Mike Pence to journey south to use the forum as a platform to emphasize that the U.S. remains the best trading partner for nations...

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Radical women: how Latin American artists rebelled with their work

In 1968, Argentinian artist Graciela Carnevale created an unlikely art exhibition: she invited people into an empty gallery, locked them inside, and left. But Lock-up Action, as the artwork was called, came to a swift end when the trapped gallery-goers flagged down a pedestrian, who broke a glass wall and set them free. To Carnevale, it was a comment on freedom in Argentina under a military dictatorship, and the broken glass was a metaphor for political resistance. Photos from the event are displayed as part of Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960–1985, an exhibition of feminist activist art at...

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Pair of deals point towards Canadian cannabis interest in South America

A pair of announcements this week from a small cannabis company backed by industry powerhouse Aphria Inc. point to increasing interest in South America from Canadian marijuana companies. Scythian Biosciences Corp., which counts Aphria as its largest shareholder and is chaired by Aphria CEO Vic Neufeld, announced Monday its intention to acquire Ontario-based MMJ Colombia Partners Inc., which is in the process of buying a Colombian cannabis company. It also announced that an Argentinian company it is trying to buy has secured a license to import cannabis oil into Argentina for medical research. The oil will be supplied by...

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What Mexico wants from NAFTA talks

Mexican trade is not what it used to be. When its overhanging neighbours to the north began forging freer trade between themselves in the 1980s, Mexico was still seen as a closed economy, more concerned with its petroleum exports than full integration with the United States and Canada. The difference between then and now is night and day. Now, with the large majority of its exports being manufactured goods, “it has become a manufacturing powerhouse,” said Duncan Wood, director of the Mexico Institute at the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C. The change in Mexico cannot be overemphasized. “The first...

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¿Qué significa para América Latina que Trump cancele su asistencia a la Cumbre de las Américas

Para algunos será un motivo de frustración, para otros quizá un consuelo, lo cierto es que la primera visita de Donald Trump a América Latina como presidente de Estados Unidos fue cancelada de forma sorpresiva este martes. No era un viaje cualquiera: Trump iba a asistir a la Cumbre de las Américas, como hicieron todos sus antecesores desde que esa cita de gobernantes hemisféricos comenzó en 1994. La Casa Blanca sostuvo en un breve comunicado que la cancelación se debía a la crisis en Siria, donde el sábado hubo un supuesto ataque químico. […] Leer más en BBC...

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México considera que existe un 80% de probabilidad de cerrar la negociación del TLCAN en mayo

La renegociación del Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte (TLCAN) va por buen camino y podría cerrarse en breve, según ha señalado el secretario de Economía de México, Ildefonso Guajardo. Tras meses de incertidumbre en los que se veía más cerca la ruptura del Tratado, la última ronda celebrada en Washington ha acercado posturas de una manera que parece ya definitiva, según los negociadores.

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Trump missed his ‘last, best chance’ for a wall, so he’s turning to the troops

By Matt Kwong For all his hardline immigration promises, Donald Trump has apparently run up against a wall. The wall. In a recent round of muddled Twitter messages, seemingly to reassure his base he hasn’t gone soft on immigration, the U.S. president took a tough line. He pronounced the end of a deal to protect young immigrants shielded from deportation by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, declaring, “DACA is dead.” He later introduced policies to make it harder for people to claim asylum. And on Wednesday, he signed a proclamation to immediately deploy the National Guard to the...

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