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LATTIN is a digital magazine specializing in business, trends and lifestyle. It is an original and different unit of content focused on the new generation of latin americans who have come to Canada in the last decade. We want to highlight entrepreneurship stories, startup experiences, new trends in art, culture and lifestyle that define the way of life of new latinos in Canada. We do digital journalism, we develop quality content by exploring the new multimedia narratives and the immense possibilities of social media. Lattin is the magazine for influential latinos. Lattin is the way for Canadians to know latin trends.


Do you want to talk about your company in an effective way? Need a new communication strategy to penetrate the hispanic niche? Need a story about your product or company? You want to talk positively about you?

Traditional advertising models have been replaced by new formulas that respond to the challenges of the digital world and new consumer habits. Our team of journalists will help you create and develop the best strategy.

Interview + Branded content article:
Included: Research + documentation + editing + photos
Rate: $360 + H.S.T.

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Social Media is the thermometer which states what is news , what is trending , what is viral… A good social media strategy can make your company exponentially multiply the value of your brand and reach new markets and niches. LATTIN MAGAZINE will provide the keys to develop the best strategy in social media.

Social Media Digital Campaign on Lattin Magazine Platform



  • Strategy Calendar
  • Custom Artwork For Social Media Banners
  • Daily Social Media Posts
  • 2 posts per day on Twitter
  • 1 posts per day on Facebook
  • 1 image per day on Instagram
  • Social Media And Content Report
  • Integrate 1 SM account on Home Activity Stream

Rate: $360 + H.S.T. 1/m or $600 + H.S.T.2/m

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Video is the key to communication in social networks, more sophisticated, effective and viral tool. Visual narratives succeed. A good audiovisual product is more striking and impacting than many conventional campaigns. Our multidisciplinary team can create the copy, produce and edit the commercials or business videos with a very attractive combination of quality, value and outreach capacity.


  • Video 5 min
  • Copy
  • Recording
  • Editing

Rate: $600 + H.S.T.

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