Javier Ortega-Araiza

Born in Mexico, re-born in Canada, and a global citizen and part-time digital nomad, Javier Ortega-Araiza is a serial entrepreneur who has founded companies in the tourism, education, and financial technology space, always with the intent of building bridges and increasing the social impact engagement of the business community. He is also an engaged community leader serving on the Board of Directors of several not-for-profits in the GTA and abroad and a Visiting Professor in Social Entrepreneurship in Universities in Canada, the United States and Colombia. Javier Ortega-Araiza is a lifelong traveler, writer and documentarist who contributes on business & innovation, politics, travel, sports, and stories of people being people.


We Just Wanted to Write About Football

The two biggest soccer teams in Argentina, Boca Juniors and River Plate, had made the final of the Copa Libertadores, the club championship for all of South America. Boca and River are bitter rivals, and both are based in Buenos Aires; tensions had shrilled up into the stratosphere and stayed there.

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SISAT: Integrated Technological Innovation From Mexico to Canada

SISAT is a Mexican company founded by Rogelio Martinez and Octavio Vazquez in 2008 in Monterrey with the purpose of distributing tracking devices that allowed fleet owners to monitor their vehicles using a satellite geolocation service. The startup has participated in Toronto in the “Fall bootcamp” organized by Latam Startups, an organization dedicated to supporting emerging companies from Latin America to scale globally from Canada.

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Nautilus Innovation Lab: Developing Nature-Inspired Technology to Fight Climate Change

Mexicans Christian Navarro and Carlos Bravo co-founded Nautilus Innovation Lab, a company that has as its core mission to improve people’s quality of life by developing technologies that are focused on the areas of renewable energy and water conservation. They arrived in Toronto in September of 2017 and they have found in Canada the market to grow their startup and their innovative ideas.

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José Miguel Ramírez Olivos: A Journey from the Heart of Mexico to the Canadian Space Agency

José Miguel Ramírez Olivos is a well-known Mexican aeronautical engineer who has been consolidated in the Canadian Space Agency in the last years. As a child he wanted to be an aviator pilot, but fate led him to be a satellite controller. Miguel has been involved in operations and flight control of satellites, monitoring the operation of these and managing the download and reception of information from the satellite control center in Montreal, where he arrived in 2001.

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Hope Between Guns and Powder:
A Day in Pablo Escobar’s Homeland, and His Eponymous Neighbourhood

The author has traveled to Medellín and visited the neighborhood that the drug lord Pablo Escobar built in the 80s of the last century. This area was financed and overseen by Escobar himself, at the peak of his cocaine empire and as he began to cement his political ambitions, which he aimed to bolster by securing the support of those living in abject poverty.

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Luz María Pardo: Lighting up the path of Newcomers – and her own – through Education

Luz María Pardo landed in Canada from Mexico City in 2007. She immediately set out to look for ways in which to create an impact in her community. She co-founded the non profit organisation “Light Your Life” with her husband, Fernando Piñeiro, with the objective of providing a space of harmony and healthy interactions among multicultural low-income families with children and youth.

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Matías García, the Salvadoran who challenged the elevator’s empire

Salvadoran Matías García, who arrived in Canada in 1989, co-founded IQ Elevators and Right Angle Metal Fabricators 14 years ago. IQ manufactures, designs, and installs elevator interiors, an ever-growing on-demand service in the GTA’s booming real-estate market. Today, both companies generate around $3 million dollars annually. García has now risen to prominence as a much-needed triumph symbol for Hispanic entrepreneurship in Canadá.

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Tennis, Gin Tonic, and NAFTA Negotiations: San Miguel de Allende and a New North America

Common grounds can be found among diametrical opposites – even if, or especially if – they are threatened to be surrounded by a wall. We talk about all of those things you talk about when in a bar – a mixture of reflections while admiring the wonderfulness of life and dreams – and then debrief about the current state of the world, starting with our own continent. Cheers and clinks. We are in San Miguel de Allende, an alternate North America.

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