German Rodríguez
After graduating from El Zamorano University as an agricultural engineer, German Rodríguez (Santa Ana, El Salvador, 1982) travelled to Toronto to continue postgraduate studies in International Business. He currently lives in Calgary, where he works on different literary projects. He began writing at the age of twelve, nevertheless, it wasn't until he was in Canada when he explores his passion for literature and decides to pursue it completely. His publications includes the novel El tiempo entre sus ojos (Lugar Común Editorial, Ottawa, Canada, 2016), and the short stories A los pies del olvido (The Apostles Review Literature Magazine, Montreal, Canada, 2017) and Cuando escuches al viento (Revista cultural Carátula, Managua, Nicaragua 2017).


Alta Baja Productions: microteatro hispano

La compañía teatral Alta Baja Productions le ha abierto las puertas a un sinnúmero de talentos hispanos de todas las edades, permitiéndoles desarrollarse en Canadá tanto profesional como artísticamente. Sus obras atraen no solo a hispanos, sino también a canadienses interesados por la cultura latina, en una combinación que acaba fortaleciendo a la sociedad.

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Corruption in Latin America: A look to the South

It is enough to mention the word “corruption” so that any Latin American can immediately identify with the havoc that we have all directly been affected by. Corruption moves from the highest political, social and economic lines to the lowest, participating in every government institution and forming part of the daily life for millions of Latinos.

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Change of wind

It was a Saturday morning. A Chinook had rolled-in and the snow was melting. The sun shined on the blue cloudless prairie sky. I was meeting Rick for brunch and I was running late. I jumped on my bicycle and headed downtown. The bike path to downtown extends along the Bow River; the iridescent meltwater ran quiet underneath the ice. Sadly it was one of my last bike rides of the year. I’ve been in Canada for eleven years now; still, I cannot get use to the cold. During winter I hibernate.

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