Alicja Minda

Alicja Minda is a Polish journalist whose interests span international affairs, globalization, world development, social enterprise and economic relations. She has spent over eight years as a reporter and editor for the Polish Press Agency’s English-language economic and financial newswire Market Insider. Her work has also appeared in nationwide magazines in Poland.

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Canada counters U.S. unpredictability with mixed messages of its own

The atmosphere appears to thicken ahead of the penultimate round of NAFTA renegotiation in Montreal later this month. After a rollercoaster week that brought market-shaking reports of the Trudeau government’s alleged fatalism, a Canadian complaint to the World Trade Organization and positive signals from Donald Trump, the cabinet’s official mantra following the retreat in London, Ont., is an equivocal “hope for the best and prepare for the worst.”

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Canada behind US in cutting carbon emissions, must match words with action, OECD warns

Canada has received praise from the OECD Secretary-General, Mexican Ángel Gurría, for its “strong commitment” to tackling climate change, but has yet to show signs of falling carbon emissions. Meanwhile, the US remains on track to cutting emissions thanks to action on the state and municipal levels, despite the country’s prospective pull-out from the Paris Agreement.

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