Sui generis: An Alternative History of Mexican Cinema

28/2/2019 - 6/4/2019


February 28 to April 6

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Director Guillermo del Toro and TIFF programmer Diana Sánchez co-curate this expansive and eclectic survey of Mexican film history, spanning six decades with about 25 films across many different genres.

“The series not just explores some of the films that most influenced myself and the current generation of filmmakers working today in Mexico, but it also reflects the depth and the richness of my country’s cinema: genre, auteurist efforts, and independent film,” del Toro said in an official statement. “Many of the films we present are by filmmakers who are unafraid to play with themes, with social mores, with genre-bending stories. It speaks to a diversity and idiosyncrasy that is uniquely Mexican,” he added.

“We are thrilled to offer Toronto the opportunity to see — on the big screen — the calibre and diversity of works that have been produced in Mexico for decades, and that have clearly influenced the current generation of Mexican masters,” explained Diana Sánchez, TIFF’s International Programmer for Spain, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

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Here’s the updated list of the films that will be shown (click on the links for details):