DL Design Canada represents artist from Latin America. At this time they are focused on the Andes of Peru.

The second edition of the Pacific Alliance & Latin America Design Business, event hosted by PCCC and OCEX, will be held at The Spoke Club, Portland room, in Toronto on Thursday, October 26th, 2017 between 5:00 and 9:00pm.

Original one of a kind art will be showcased; guests will be able to purchase pieces with 100% of the proceeds going to the artist. It will be a cultural evening, and an opportunity to network with other members of the business community. Pisco Sour drinks are included with your ticket purchase, as well as delicious hors d’oeuvres served throughout the event.

The artists showcasing their work are the following:

Cecilia Spilhmann, was born in Peru, an extraordinary country, rich in culture, history and cuisine, along with warm people, and stunning scenery full of colour and textures to stir the artist’s spirit.

Her art shows a distinct attention to the basic components of design using line, colour, depth, texture and symbolism to take you back to the most primitive form of human expression.

Cecilia Spilhmann.

Irma Gutierrez (Mexican, b. 1975) PROFESSIONAL INTERNATIONAL ARTIST who is passionate, imaginative, equipped with an excellent creative work ethic and the capacity to effectively manage projects. 17 years of experience with more than 140 exhibitions in Canada, England, France, Poland, Germany, Russia, Austria, USA, Italy, Bulgaria, Egypt, Spain, Portugal, Macedonia, Egypt, China among various others countries.

Irma Gutierrez.

Cesar Morriss is an innovative Peruvian visual artist, with studies in Canada and an interesting international career.His work is characterized primarily by being endowed with a remarkable command of colour and  innovative use of resources such as the fusion of different techniques, exploration of textures, decorative details, elements that do not show themselves fully, and the use of formats and compositions that do not respect the conventional, also inspired in the female sensuality.

He exhibited his artwork in different countries like Peru, Finland, Brazil, France, Spain, Canada and United States. He also sold paintings in Switzerland and Chile.

Cesar Morriss

DL Design Canada represents artist from Latin America. At this time they are focused on the Andes of Peru. Jibaja, Tolentino, Zavaleta, Davalos are a few names of the artists represented, and the beautiful and colourful paintings showcase their different styles.

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It´s about a world where llamas, alpacas, the sun, the moon, pottery, tagua, paja toquilla dance to the rythm of zampoñas, pan flutes and rondadores.

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